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We're On the Move!!

We are soon moving to new premises and a bigger yoga studio. We are excited about the beautiful new location and will keep you posted on progress. Watch this space :)

Habits of Health

'For the most part, both good and bad arise from habits. Being circumspect in taking care of your health and making an effort to support it will create good habits. If you avoid laziness, exert yourself in the field of health, and put into practice the Way of Nurturing Life and other tips on well being, you will become accustomed to following this path. The results will be beneficial and constant and you will live without pain.
If you are not circumspect and create unhealthful and bad habits, when you do exert yourself to improve your health, it will be painful and hard to bear.'

Acupuncture eases joint pain in breast cancer patients

A new study, led by researchers at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, demonstrates that acupuncture may be an effective therapy for joint pain and stiffness in breast cancer patients who are being treated with commonly used hormonal therapies.

Enlighten Up

I was recommended this yoga doco by a friend recently - quite funny and well worth checking out. Here's a trailer

Martial arts emotions and disease

The old 'ostrich technique' of sticking you head in the sand, hoping something will go away if you ignore it just doesn't seem to work. Two things made me think about this recently. I read Herman Hesse's 'Steppenwolf' which got me thinking about the multifacetedness (don't think thats a real word but you get the idea) of human beings. Then I got to thinking about aggression in human beings and particularly, men. We often seem to deny aggression, anger and so on or at least label them as negative emotions. They are though, part of our make up.

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