Postnatal Yoga


Ring in a a babysitter and dedicate an hour to yourself! This specialist one hour long Postnatal Yoga class is for Mums who are five months to two years postnatal.

During pregnancy your baby has been inhabiting your physical centre which, in yoga philosophy, is thought to relate to your sense of power and vitality. It is important both physically and emotionally to reclaim this space after pregnancy.

The emphasis of this class is on stabilising and containing through the core with pelvic floor, abdominal and spinal muscle toning. A great option if you are feeling a bit weak or unstable or have had any pelvic floor weakness or damage from pregnancy and birth.

There is also a focus on stretching the areas that get tight during early parenting, particularly the chest and shoulders in order to regain a more healthy posture. The aim is to move with awareness and ease, be free of pain, and slowly, gradually build strength from the inside out.

A range of props may be used to support the body (blocks, straps, gertie balls, blankets and bolsters).

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