I’ve been a yoga student at Sanctuary Health for almost 3 years now, attending a range of classes from the Open class to the restorative yoga ‘Lazy Sunday’s’ and now the Pregnancy Yoga class. I love the small community feel and the patience and kindness of the teachers. Anna, Dan and their other teachers are friendly, inviting and knowledgeable, and make even a beginner yogi feel safe and comfortable in their body and their practice. The teachers are constantly upskilling and attending trainings, which means practices that are always new, interesting, and based on their latest learning. I love attending yoga at Sanctuary Health, and look forward to trying out the mums and bubs classes in my near future! – Amy

I have been practicing yoga at Sanctuary Health for a number of years and have progressed from a beginner through to an Open class. Each of the tutors that I have practiced alongside make the classes fun, supportive and energetic. I have felt encouraged to extend myself physically and also spiritually. Practicing yoga with like minded people at Sanctuary Health has given me a sense of balance, friendship and well being. Thank you both, Anna & Dan for making this happen – Sandra

I have been attending yoga classes at Sanctuary Health for around three years and I cannot recommend them more highly. I have attended a number of different classes and had a number of different teachers and all have been of an extremely high standard as well as being lovely people. They teach in a very supportive, gentle way and emphasise the need to be mindful of your own body. I am currently attending my second round of PregnancyYoga and this has helped me to ease any niggles, stay mobile and remain aware of my body as it grows. The relaxation aspect of this class is also fantastic.  –  Jasmine

The team at Santuary Health have looked after me for several years now, including throughout my first pregnancy and beyond. Every class has catered fantastically to my changing needs and helped me to develop my yoga practise into an integral part of my way of life. Nothing is ever a problem for Anna and Dan, and the individual teachers provide a wonderful variety of guidance, advice and support…while always making you feel at home. Now my wee one enjoys their classes as much as I do. Thanks team, you’re awesome :) ” – Jess

Sanctuary health is fantastic! I attended the Pregnancy Yoga classes throughout my pregnancy and loved it. The class is a fantastic balance of stretch and relaxation and just what my body and mind needed. I drew on the breathing techniques we covered during my labour. I now attend the mums and bubs classes with my little one and look forward to it every week.  I feel the difference in my body after going to class and the interaction with my baby is very special. – Sara

As soon as I enter the Sanctuary I feel relaxed. It’s such a friendly and positive place to practice yoga and I’ve had the pleasure of attending not just the Yoga classes but Pregnancy Yoga and Mums & Bubs Yoga too. I recommended it to my friends as it’s perfect for us to share classes together and to meet others. – Jo

Taking Pregnancy Yoga with Sanctuary Health provided a gentle and enjoyable way to strengthen my body and ease aches and pains throughout my pregnancy. More importantly it gave me a chance to spend some focused time with my baby. The classes become a special place to relieve stress and anxiety, and prepare myself for birth and motherhood. Now Sid and I attend Mums & Bubs classes, and it is lovely to return to this familiar space. Sid and I both respond well to the quiet, relaxing pace of the class. We can, and have, highly recommend these classes to others. – Rosie

I have been going to Sanctuary Health for almost 7 years… I travel a lot and try to find yoga classes wherever I am. I look forward to my return to attend class with Sanctuary Health. Over the years, depending on my state of mind and physical abilities (have had a few ops along the way), I find a class and yogi that suits me. Sanctuary Health offers a range of classes and I think I have attended all except the pregnancy/mum and bubs… I am way too old!! Usually, I attend two classes a week as I like to start my week off in a beginners class to ground me, then step it up a level to challenge my mind, body an soul. Anna and Dan are amazing. They are calm, steady and peaceful. It has been my privilege to find them and be a part of their community. Thank you so much. Namaste. – Jill

In the five years I have been practising yoga at Sanctuary Health, Anna and the team have taken me from a virtual novice through to a dedicated yogi.  This is entirely due to the wonderful atmosphere of the classes – the perfect balance of a professional, structured approach and a relaxed, friendly environment.  The small, inclusive classes are a great way to meet new people and all the teachers are fantastic too, as they gently encourage you to extend yourself while never pushing beyond your comfort zone.  Thanks to Sanctuary Health, I just can’t imagine my life without yoga. – Michelle