Level One Yoga

This class is suitable for beginners or for those wanting a gentler practice. The Level One class is designed to help you  inquire into your own body’s uniqueness and work with it constructively using specific movement principles. Classes begin with breath awareness and build intuitively into a warm-up followed by yoga postures (asana), sequences (vinyasa) and breathing techniques (pranayama) to improve strength,  balance, mobility and awareness. Classes finish with a relaxation or guided meditation. This class is equally suitable for beginners, more experienced practitioners wishing to reestablish fundamentals or those that are working through injury or illness.

Options for Level One Yoga Classes:

  • Mondays 9.15am - 10.30am with Jane
  • Mondays 5.30pm - 6.45pm with Angie
  • Wednesdays 7.00pm - 8.15pm with Casey

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